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Thanks to its freshwater fisheries and the gulf coast, Alabama has more biodiversity than any other state.

In fact, the state of Alabama has more navigable stream miles than any other state in the United States. It should be no surprise that with great fishing and accessible waterways come kayak fishing enthusiasts and find the greats equipment with the best inflatable kayaks and accessories for your adventure.

Over at we are tracking over 70 major kayak fishing events in our state this year. And so, 2019 is going to prove to be another very active year in kayak fishing in Alabama. Year after year, national kayak fishing trails and local clubs host kayak fishing events suitable for anyone; those new to the sport or those looking for the highest level of competition.

Like in years past, the year will end this fall at the third annual Alabama Kayak Fishing Classic. That joint event is co-hosted by the kayak fishing clubs of Alabama. Each club sends anglers to battle it out for title of “Alabama State Champion”. While details of the event are still to be determined, the event will likely be held again on the banks of the Coosa River in Wetumpka, Alabama.

Competitive anglers will have multiple options for big competition and big reward this year. National trail events will be hosted in Alabama this year. Traditional clubs will be hosting regional trails centered around some of the best bass fishing lakes in the south, if not the US. Lake Guntersville, Lake Pickwick, and Lake Wheeler in north Alabama are known as some of the best bass fisheries in North America and there will be multiple kayak fishing events there again in 2019.

Demo days, tackles swaps, and month-long online catch/photo/release events will be hosted by clubs throughout the state. Club events in Alabama will see anglers of all skills and experience levels participating. Some events will have a couple dozen anglers in the field while others will have many dozens.

For a listing of upcoming kayak fishing events in Alabama, but sure to check out our tracker at: