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Boat show season is that time of year that after being locked down we finally get out, see a few familiar faces and check out the new kayaks. This year’s boat show tour kicked off once again down in Louisville, Ky with the great folks at Canoe Kentucky and the hot kayak to see was our new Jackson Kayak Big Rig HDFD.

The new Big Rig HDFD is a kayak with options that is something that the industry has yet to see. It’s a kayak that can be made to fit the wants of the angler or the needs of a situation. By fit I am talking about the interchangeable pod that nests in the deck area of the kayak. Jackson Kayak went to work making 2 different pod inserts that allows anglers to paddle, pedal or even attach the new E-Drive system. In doing this it makes the kayak very universal for different bodies of water or even angler preference.

Does size matter? Well, the new version of the Big Rig grew in size adding 2” to the width and 1” to the length giving her a 40” x 13’-3” platform that hoists a total weight capacity of 550 lbs. Side by side with the original Big Rig you can most defiantly see the difference in size and shape.

When talking about the features you have to start at her bow with the new molded rod tusk, new front hatch and redesigned rod troughs. The deck of the kayak obviously offers the interchangeable pod system that gives anglers a nice flat platform to move about while fishing. At the seating area Jackson has added in the trim-able ergo seat with a new MOLLE system on the back to attach your favorite accessories. The stern of the kayak features a new hatch that is accompanied by the removable rudder system along with a nice sized tank well for hauling your JKrate or Orion Cooler. 

Overall my 1st impression of the new Big Rig HDFD is a good one. I had the chance to do a quick pool test and was pleasantly surprised. I feel like anglers are really going to enjoy the options that the new platform has to offer. For me, I still enjoy paddling but also understand where the Flex Drive can benefit me during events or certain bodies of water and to have the ability to do both is big deal to me. While this blog isn’t a full spec run down of all the bells and whistles I hope it kind of lets you see where my thoughts go as an individual. The last thing I have to ask is, are you ready to go Big?

Stay Crazy,

Chad Brock