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I’ve got a local trout river that is perfect for floating in the kayak. So last fall I finally decided to give it a go and man I can’t believe I waited this long to do so.

11 miles of cool, clear, tailwater release water just full of smallmouth and trout.

I launched early in the morning with plans to make the entire 11 mile float. Fishing started off a little slow but once the gradient of the river picked up so did the fishing.

I landed over two dozen trout and countless amounts of smallmouth in the 11-16 inch range.

The Coosa HD handled the class ii-iii whitewater just fine. It’s a great river boat and having that extra width for stability really helps in certain situations when you’re trying to get your fly or lure to land in the right place.

Don’t be afraid to explore all your local waters. Fish for all species! You never know where that kayak will get that others can’t!

Until next time,