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Who else takes a little time off during the winter? I can’t be the only one, right? Well I always find myself itching to get back out there and go fishing. I was anticipating the delivery of my new BigRigHDFD and I couldn’t wait to get it on the water. This was a brand new kayak from Jackson with all of the bells and whistles. This was their second fishing kayak that had the Flex Drive. The BigRigHDFD went through a redesign for the fed drive and some overall upgrades from Gen 1. It was killing me to get my hands on her and then to get her on the water.

After I got her I did some rigging (because it was to cold to fish in Texas) out like lights, drilling massive holes in her and outfitting my new BigRig with some cool accessories. I say there am stared and then it hit me. I need to put some fish in this boat. How is it going to fish? How is it going to pedal? How is it going to track? How comfortable is it?

Well all of my questions were answered. She fished great, tracked perfectly, pedaled like a dream, and is super comfortable. From taking her out to catching my first fish I have been so happy I picked up the BigRigHDFD. You will be too. Jackson really hit a homerun here. The one thing I love about Jackson is that they listen to the anglers and put features on the kayaks that we need and will use.

Go check one out today at your local Jackson dealer. You will walk away a BigRigHDFD owner, I promise.