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I am quite excited about where we are going with the Angler 360 with the “E-Drive”….  My first prototype experience was over a year ago in Florida and we have been working hard on getting a USA Made electric motor drive done for our Flex Drive since then.

We are only a few weeks away from shipping these bad boys out.   At $600 they are the most affordable and effective option for powering up a kayak.

I made a video from my last outing and I take some time to explain how to fish out of the “World’s Smallest Bass Boat”.    


Being able to switch from pedal to electric in less than 30 seconds is quite useful and an engineering feat. 

Having your own electric bass boat that can run shallow, transport in the back of a truck, wheel to the water, and stable enough for sight fishing on top of your cooler or seat, makes it a must have and for less than $4,500!

I look forward to seeing you in yours soon!

You can get them at many of our best dealers, or directly from us at:

The E-Drive coming in 3 weeks!