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Recently, I had the pleasure of testing out the new Jackson Kayak Bite. I had been anxiously awaiting this kayak since I first heard about its development last fall.

At 35″ wide and a touch under 12′, the Bite offers up an incredibly stable platform. The open deck allows for easy customization of the kayak to suit your needs. It’s also spacious enough to take your dog with you. Since the Bite has a weight capacity of 400 lbs., I can easily take my Labrador Retriever out with me on a leisurely paddle.

Weighing in right at 70 lbs., the Bite is not difficult to physically manage or get to wherever you are going to launch. It’s light weight makes it easy to load and unload onto a truck, cartop, or trailer.

The Bite is just so stable. It’s easy to stand in while making your way down the river. Standing and casting is easily accomplished in the Bite.

Jackson didn’t skimp on features that make the Bite a solid fishing kayak. Not only is it spacious, stable, and easy to maneuver, but it also has the basic necessities most kayak anglers want. The flush mount rod holders are incredibly handy. I don’t always use my fishing crate when I kayak, especially if I am only going on a short trip. Jackson also added GearTrac to the forward area of the kayak which will allow paddlers to mount a variety of accessories from depth finders to cup holders.

Jackson also makes it easy for rods to be managed on the open deck. The slots toward the bow allow for rods to remain stabilized while you are fishing and making your way through moving water.

I found the Bite to be really quite comfortable. The new seat in the Bite is plenty supportive for a day on the water, and the ability to trim the seat to fit your paddling environment makes this kayak a true contender. Adjustable foot pegs also aid in making paddling more comfortable and more stable.

I was more than impressed with the new Jackson Kayak Bite during my test paddle, and I definitely plan to add one to my garage this season. It’s a really well-rounded and thoughtfully developed kayak. Oh, and did I mention it’s only $799?

– Courtney Bennett