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Name: Christian Jürgens
Hometown, Country: Goldenstedt, Germany


Kayak(s): Kraken 13.5, Kraken 15.5, Journey

Future kayak: There is nothing in planning. I found my ultimate fishing kayak with the Kraken.

Equipment: Werner Paddles, driftbag, anchor, depth sounder, lots of GoPro-accessories for filming, drysuit and various other kayak-clothing, lots of accessories for camping.

Freshwater, saltwater: I love being in saltwater and feeling the power of nature.

Favorite Fish: Pike

Bucket list fish: Wild Salmon and big Coalfish from the sea in northern Norway.

Favorite place for kayak fishing: The bigger the water the better. Preferably in Sweden and on the sea in Norway.

Bucket list kayak fishing locations: Lapland (Sweden) and always again northern Norway.

Events in 2019: Plauer See (very big Lake in the north-east of Germany), Bodden Bash on the island Rügen, Liska Kayak Open in Karlskrona

Why Jackson Kayak: It’s an extraordinary magic that comes from the Jackson Team. There are so many passionate anglers who pursue their hobby with passion. I think there is nowhere else. It’s great to be part of it.