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Name: John Ord
Hometown, Country: Morpeth, UK


Kayak(s): Kraken, Kilroy

Future kayak: Coosa FD, Mayfly

Equipment: Lowrance, YakAttack, RAM Mounts, Werner Paddles, GoPro

Freshwater, saltwater: both – although I’ve spent a lot more of my time on fresh water over the past couple of years

Favorite Fish: Pollock, Pike, Trout

Bucket list fish: Muskie, Lake Trout

Favorite place for kayak fishing: I’m easily pleased – give me water with fish in and I’m a happy man. But if I had to choose one general area to fish it would have to be Scotland and the many famous lochs there. Such a stunningly beautiful place with its rugged wildness, one of the few remaining places in the UK that hasn’t been heavily influenced by people.

Bucket list kayak fishing locations: Canada. And I have to make it happen in the not too distant future.

Events in 2019: Lake District kayak fishing rover competition. Loch Ken kayak fishing competition, Christchurch kayak fishing competition.

Why Jackson Kayak: Jackson Kayak make quality products. And I wanted a kayak I could rely on when I needed it too. The more I got to know about them, the more I realised it was such a family oriented company who strive to keep their good name up there with the best. Customer service is amazing and they genuinely do just want to make people happy. The logo says it all!