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Name: Mariusz Blum
Hometown, Country: Gdańsk, Poland

Demo Center Blum:

Kayak(s): Coosa FD, Coosa HD, Kilroy, Cruise 12, Big Tuna

Future kayak: every new boat from JK. In this year BITE of course!

Equipment: Werner Paddle, Raymarine Axiom

Freshwater, saltwater: both

Favorite Fish: Perch

Bucket list fish: Shark, Tarpon, Halibut

Favorite place for kayak fishing: brachial water and small forest lakes

Bucket list kayak fishing locations: Florida, Norway, Panama

Events in 2019: Fishing fairs in Poznań, Bodden Bash – Germany, LKO – Sweden, PaddleExpo, Demo Center Work

Why Jackson Kayak: First: the only company offering the best kayaks, but also an international fishing community with many team members. This brand has joined people from many countries for years. And secondly, JK is a company offering a full range of kayaks for small lakes, large lakes, rivers and coastal waters. Just kayaks for everyone!