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 Whether it was the Love of fishing or the Love of Kayaking that brought you into the sport of kayak-fishing, you are now part of a new and rapidly growing community.


One of our Local Tournaments “Eastslope”, biggest tourney in Western Canada

 There are a few top reasons why I got into the Sport or Hobby of Kayak fishing. One, it has allowed me to get active again with my favorite goal in mind (Catching fish) as an incentive. The second is gets me to travel and try new locations that I wouldn’t have tried as just a shore caster.  Also, the versatility of kayak fishing, you can get to places that boats only dream.

 One of thing that I feel gets over looked along the way of deciding if you want to start Kayak fishing, is the Community Aspect. As a Veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces, I truly love a sense of being part of something bigger, sense of comrade, Kayak fishing fills this void. 


Friendly Kayakers helping my daughter take her first “strokes”

From the time you make the decision to buy a kayak, you start your journey into the Kayak fishing (KF) Community. You start researching and Joining FB groups and browsing used kayak ads or visiting Kayak stores, watch YouTube videos, maybe a few demo days at your local dealer, all these are the start of you KF journey. 


Couple “Western Canadian Kayak fishing” FB group memebers

Once you’ve made your decision on the Kayak you want it’s time to get it wet and the next best thing is to Join a local KF group in your area. Facebook is usually the best first option and will allow you branch out from there. If there isn’t a FB group for your area, start one up … be a pioneer, post a couple photos or videos of your fishing adventures and I’m sure you’ll have requests to join right away. This is where Kayak fishing shines in my Opinion … it just looks like such a great way to fish (from an outsider’s perspective), and now that you are part of the community … you know how great it is.


Tournament wrap up

As your KF career grows and the more people you head out on the water with you will start find other communities within the same community of KF, you may join a Kayak rigging page, or a Tournament group, maybe a KF trip planning page. The possibilities are endless, and you can go as deep as you want or just dip your tow in, you get out of it what you decide you want.


Chinook Salmon Caught using my #Jacksonkayak and #raymarine Axiom 7

I hope to see you on the water and Tight Lines and endless sleighrides