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Last summer Jameson Redding from the JK Media House came out and spent a few days with me.

I’ve met Jameson twice before at past Gimme Shelter tournaments, and he is a super cool guy and a ton of fun to be around.

He is also a super enthusiastic kayak angler, and skilled photographer.

The first day we paddled out and looked for Halibut…Jameson and my good friend and Halibut Guru Allen Bushnell fished off the yaks but didn’t manage to find any…

I had a little better luck diving and managed to get two:

At night Jameson and his wife and kids came over and I cooked up the fresh Halibut for them and we had a ton of fun hanging out.

The next day we loaded the kayaks on my buddy Martin’s sailboat and headed south to explore an offshore pinnacle down in BigSur.

Diving wasn’t super productive for me, but I managed to get a few fish, Jameson got some killer drone footage, and it was just a beautiful day being out there.

Back at home that afternoon I cleaned the fish and Jameson asked me a few questions about kayak diving here in NorCal.

He eventually put the footage together and it turned out really cool!

Weird seeing and hearing myself on film because 99.9% of the time I just get POV footage of fishies underwater…but the whole experience was super fun, I’m stoked to have this vid as a memory of it, and it is always a treat to get to talk a little about what a great community we have here in NorCal!

Thanks for looking!