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Mounting the Raymarine Element transducer to your Big Rig HDFD is pretty straight forward with a few parts.

Parts list: (use the search feature in the JK Store to find the SKUs listed)

1 – Lowrance Transducer Scupper Mount
1 – 3/4″ aluminum flat bar (Lowe’s) will only need a 4 inch section
2 – Bolt; 8-32 x 5/8 Flat Phil M/S Zinc (available from the JK Store, SKU #1055)
2 – Nut; 8-32 Lock Nut Zinc (available from the JK Store, SKU #1173)
4 – Washer; #10 x 1/2 OD Bonded Seal (available from the JK Store, SKU #1259)
1 – Nylon Cable Glands .51″-.71″ – Pass-Through (available from the JK Store, SKU #1626)

Step 1 – Cut the mounting legs and one of the non-slotted tabs off of the Lowrance mounting plate.

Step 2 – Cut a 4 inch section of aluminum bar and bend to shape the bracket. The bracket should have two 1 inch legs with 2 inches in between. Drill 5 holes, two for the bolts, one for the mounting plate, and two for the transducer bolt.

Step 3 – Attach the bracket to the mounting plate from the top using one bolt, one nut, and two washers per side. The bolts should be inserted from the bottom to the top.

Step 4 – Mount the transducer to the bracket and trim off the excess bolt with a hacksaw and file the edges round.

Step 5 – Complete the install according to the Lowrance instructions

Step 6 – When it comes to cable management, it really is up to the individual. I chose to use the cable cover that came with the Element to pass the cable under the seat and a Nylon Pass-Through in the forward cockpit. The tricky part was getting transducer wire through the pass-through. For this, I had to cut the length of the pass-through. Once my cables were in place, I cut an old Rod Glove to use as a wire loom.

Tight lines,
Robert Brown