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As a kid I played in creeks and rivers like most did then. Exploring ,swimming ,fishing ,camping or anything that resembled outdoor adventure. I was always drawn to being in the woods and in moving water. Catching any fish was a glorious event no matter size or species. It was pure. The exploration of these areas on foot typically yielded a treasure or two of finding arrowheads, bones, or odd things that have made their way down the stream and become part of the landscape or buried in silt or rocks waiting to found. It was like you were Indiana Jones finding lost treasures.

Seven years ago I was introduced to kayak fishing and soon I quickly found myself getting back to the skinny waters and seemingly untouched areas that I enjoyed as a child. Finally back to the purity I enjoyed so much with friends and family as a kid and now I can share with my own family and friends.


As I titled this ,”Trophies in Skinny Water Rivers,” I look back in the archive of pictures and videos I’ve amassed in the last five to six years (which I’ve picked some highlights to share with you). Then it hit me, the trophies in kayak fishing are not always about the size of species you catch, but the random things you may see being so close to nature while floating or wading.


Yes, I’ve been fortunate to catch many trophy fish and have epic adventures in skinny water/rivers all over the southeast. Sharing the experience with friends and family to me is a trophy in itself. Sharing this passion with my oldest son has been the greatest trophy of all. To me skinny water gets you closer to everything and everyone along with a dash of excitement from swift water rapids and the possibility of landing a monster fish.

No matter what state you live in or traveling too, there are skinny water and or river adventures waiting to be made. If you have never fished waters like this contact, your local or out of state kayak dealer and Outfitter. Single day floats, 3 to 4 day floats either way it’s a experience with trophies everywhere.

Just remember its moving water so proper precautions like your PFD, proper gear, understanding what species are in that area and some local knowledge of the waters you’ll be floating will only add to that Trophy whatever you may find.

Vincent Andrus