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I grow up bass fishing my grandparent lake when i was was adolescent. However the Keys clean shallow water fishing has always been deeply rooted. I recently discovered the endless opportunities that south FL had to offer and began my campaign of tapping into the bass fishing scene using the Big Rig to paddle into areas i drove by on the way to the Keys. The Everglades has endless and vast stretches of priarries channels and lakes that hold trophy size bass. As I was forced to put my fly rod down and learn a new body of water and fish I began researching.. I mean countless of hours record on forums, Youtube, social media and local experts. I began perfect the basic skill with a worm and different ways to effectively use them in certain area. I then began expanding the tool box to different itemized lures and even began by rods and reels that where for the job. I used my back round of fly fishing to analytically break the code in south Florida. The key element was the mobility of the kayak that allowed me to drop the kayak in a cup of water and find locations that are hard to reach. I have to say I have truly enjoyed this new venue i have tapped and continue to explore and tap into this resource.