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Estuary Perch: 27cm

This is the first species I caught in my Cruise FD. Caught from my local Werribee River, these fish were stocked into the river system around about 4-5 years ago, so they are still have lots of growing to do. 

They are great little fighters no matter their size!  Hit hard like a Bass and love to hang out in the snags. 

This one was caught a Munroe Soft Plastic lure rigged up to a jig spin (like a spinnerbait) I purely Catch-Photo-Release these fish.


Redfin (English Perch): 37cm

Better known to us Australians as ‘Reddies’  

This Reddie was caught on a day trip I made to Lake Fyans where I had entered a kayak competition that was ran for the first time at this location and my first time fishing the waterbody.

 I really struggled in this competition day 1 only catching the one Reddie which I didn’t bother to weigh in as it wasn’t that big. Even on day 2 was tough although I did pick up 2 Reddies, but once again they were only small so didn’t bother to weigh in. most of the local guys were weighing in decent fish of around the 35cm-50cm! 

So, I was determine to get back to this lake and try out different lures that I didn’t have for the competition and try my luck, this is where I picked up this nice 37cm fish! Caught a little ¼ chatter bait, Reddies are a great fresh water eating fish! Classed as a pest in Victoria but you are aloud to release them if you wish, which I’ll do with anything under 25cm. 


Flathead: 64cm

Flathead are one of my favorite salt water eating fish, they put up a great fight, with lots of head shakes and runs. 

This one here was a by-catch when targeting bream! It was a very tough day fishing with very high winds up to around 80kph and smashing rain in the morning, I couldn’t find any bream on this day, but this guy put up a great fight on just 4lb braid and leader.

– Craig Richards