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As a rule I like my Pike & Perch fishing and when possible sea fishing for Cod & Pollock, however now and again I like to do a spot of fly fishing. I admit I’m not the best fly caster but I can do enough to ‘get the job done’ but that’s the beauty of kayak fly fishing, I don’t need to cast very far!

So we arrived at one of the very few venues in my area that allow kayak fishing, bit of a cool breeze and broken sunshine so not the worst conditions by any stretch. We were feeling hopeful 🙂
Today I was taking young Tom on his first ever kayak fishing trip, he is no stranger to fishing (a very accomplished fly fisherman) but being ona kayak was a first for him. With this in mind we fished a small sheltered lake and I gave him my Kilroy DT, a very nice stable kayak with plenty of space so he felt safe.

Fish were rising so off we went, Tom naturally hooked a fish on his 2nd cast so the first Rainbow was caught. The fishing through he day was steady, not loads of action but never far away from a miss take, pull or sometimes a landed fish. Mos fish were in the 2-4lb range, not huge but a nice stamp most of which fell to olive coloured flies (don’t ask what the proper names were!!).

Overall we had a very nice enjoyable day and Tom really enjoyed fishing from a kayak, looks like he is converted! 🙂