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I’ve always wanted to add LED lights to my kayak. I’ve seen a few guys with them, but I wanted a different setup which also had the opportunity to charge my cell phone, etc. After doing a little research I came up with a solution. Once I figured out the wiring, the setup was easy. I’ll include a step by step process. The items you need are 16 gauge wire. I bought both black and red colored wire to help me differentiate between positive and negative. I also needed a 4 gang rocket switch panel


LED strips I purchased at Academy,

a terminal block,


and a nocqua lithium 10aH battery. I got white lights for the inside of the kayak and red and green navigation lights on the bow of the kayak. I ran all of the positive wires from all the LED’s to the rocket switch. Then one positive from the rocket panel runs to the terminal block. All of the negative wires from the LED’s are connected to the terminal block. The battery’s positive and negative wires are connected to the terminal block. I had a to cut a small hole in the kayak to connect the rocket switch panel. The entire project came out very clean and looks professionally done.