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For the past week I have been bouncing ideas back and forth in my head about how to install a fish finder on my new Blue Sky Angler 360. This platform is so versatile that the rigging possibilities seem endless. As a family man, I have multiple Jackson Kayaks so I needed to set my fish finder up in a portable configuration. This way, I can transfer it from one kayak to another with ease. Today, the idea finally hit me and I came up with a portable rigging solution for my fish finder setup. To make this setup even better, I can completely remove it within 40 seconds!

Parts List

Ram Mount 1 inch Diamond Base
Ram 1.5 Inch Screwball
Ram 1.5 Inch Double Socket Arm
Ram Universal Ball Mount
Ram Transducer Mount
Black Zip Ties
1 x 1/8 Inch Stainless Steele Screw (10) (quantity may vary depending on what fish finder you have)
1/8 Inch Stainless Steele Nylon Locking Nut (10) (quantity may vary depending on what fish finder you have)
1 Inch Stainless Steele Washer (2)


Wrench or Socket Wrench
1/8 Inch Drill Bit

Start off by removing the utility bag that came with your 360 Angler. Set this aside for now. Next, you’ll want to grab your wrench (or socket wrench) and remove the bolts that hold the straps used to secure your utility bag to the 360 Angler seat. You will also need your pliers to hold the locking nut as you wrench the bolt out. It does take some fiddling to remove the bolt from the arm of the seat. Take caution not to lose the Black plastic spacer that rest between the arm rest and the seat. Once you have the bolt free, you can slide the utility bag strap off. Repeat this process to remove the other strap. Getting the bolts and black spacers back into place and re-secured takes a little bit of effort.

The hard part is now over.

The next step in this process you will need to use the 1.5 inch Ram Screwball, Ram Universal Mounting Plate and the utility bag straps. I chose to mount my fish finder on the front-right side gear track that sits just behind the Flex Drive. Screw the Ram Screwball down onto the track. Make sure that it is tight. Take your Ram Universal Ball Mount and secure it to the bracket that came with your fish finder. ( I have an Elite TI 9, I used 8 of the 1 x1/8 Inch stainless steel screws and nylon locking nuts.) My Lowrance Unit came with adjustable dials that i removed and slid the utility bag straps onto. I then reinstalled them to my Lowrance Unit. Using the Ram 1.5 Inch Double Socket Arm you can attach your fish finder to the Ram 1.5 Inch Screwball.

Next you will need your Ram Mount Diamond Base, drill, drill bit, 2 of the stainless steel bolts, 2 nylon locking nuts and 2 washers. I mounted my Diamond Base on the right-front hand side of the front porch standing platform. Using the drill, I carefully drilled out the holes needed to mount the Diamond Base to the front porch. BE CAUTIOUS. The pontoons do extend about 2 inchs underneath the front porch and if you do not pay attention you could easily punch a hole in your pontoon. Secure your Diamond base to the front porch using the bolts, nuts and washers.

Next, assemble your Ram Transducer Arm. (read the instructions that came with the transducer arm). Once assembled you can attach your transducer to the Ram Transducer Arm. Secure the Ram Transducer Arm to the Ram Mount Diamond Base using the Ram 1 inch Double Socket Arm that came with your Ram Transducer Arm. Zip tie the transducer wire along the arm of the transducer mount.

The final step, take your utility bag and fasten it to the utility bag straps. Wind up the excess cordage and place it inside of your utility bag. I used a Nocqua 10ah Pro Power Kit to power the unit. This is also placed into the utility bag. Hook up the power and transducer cable to your fish finder and you are finished.

Total Install time was about 1 hour for me. Of course this may vary. Removing the fish finder and transducer is as simple as loosening the double socket arms. Your fish finder, battery and transducer can be completely removed in less than 30 seconds.

– Jason Ricketts