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You have got to get a lot of things right to make sure that the photo submission of your catch is acceptable to the judges. Part of being successful is getting your measuring board secured on your boat during the photo process.

The Hawg Trough, the yellow measuring board seen here, is prone to being kicked off-kilter during the photo process. After all, the measuring board is at your feet and there is generally a fish flopping around on the board. Between your feet, the waves, and the fish, it is easy for your Hawg Trough to get tilted during your photo taking process. Raise your hand if you have accidentally let your Hawg Trough slide overboard while it rests as your feet!

By adding RAM Mount balls or YakAttack mounts to the track on the sides of your kayak, you can create a way to secure your Hawg Trough to your kayak. Just leave one ball or accessory slightly loose prior to inserting the measuring board between mounts. Once in place, use the mounts on the track to tighten your measuring board to your kayak. You can kick, the waves can roll, and the fish can bounce, but your Hawg Trough isn’t going anywhere.

As a bonus, the space between the mounts on the gear track also serve as a place to stow your paddle while fishing. Round-shafted paddles tend to roll forward and aft as your boat pitches and lists.