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Spring time has never been my strong suit. Early Spring been the season I’ve had to work at the hardest at over the years. Any success I’ve had hasn’t come with out putting in some extra time and effort along the way. In this blog I want to share with you some of the steps that have helped me along the way.
My spring time planning starts with Google Earth and the Navionics App. I look for northern flats as they are shielded from those northern cold fronts and because the sun being more to our south warms these areas the faster. The more you focus to the north early the more you’ll find that the fish seem to move up here 1st.
The next big key is figuring out where your spot in relationship to the main channel. The main channel and creek channel to the flat are going to be your fish highways of travel. It’s a lot like patterning deer movements as they take routes from their bedding area to their feeding area. The fish are going to follow a route to and from their spawning area just the same.
After you’ve marked a few hot spots its time to take it to the water and do a little graphing. When you’re graphing you’re looking for the bait fish and where exactly your target species is along their path in relationship to the flats. 
Lastly listen to the boat ramp chatter. Here’s the thing, someone is always talking whether it’s to you or to another angler, someone is telling a story. These stories can tell you a lot about how the fish are setting up along their journey. That chatter can help you eliminate some dead water, time and maybe even offer up some key lures to throw.
Spring time fishing really comes down to making your best efforts to fish in higher percentage areas. By using the tools above you can eliminate water and save yourself some headaches. Focus on the fish and fish movements and take note when you do catch one, there’s reasonthat fish was there. Once you’re on the fish you’ll have a lot more success as their migrate to and from the spawning areas. Good luck, keep casting and stay focused.
Stay Crazy,
Chad Brock