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Daylight savings time to some is a burden but to others it is a welcoming change that offers a little bit of extra time for weeknight kayak fishing. Weeknights are kinda how my bass fishing career really took off. Over the years I have spent several Wednesday nights driving to area Jackpot style tournaments across southern Indiana. The short events yield to fast decision making and forcing you to focus on an area rather than bouncing around. In my change into the sport of kayak fishing those items really apply even more with time management.

Non tournament evening kayak trips even take a little bit of extra planning. As you watch the accompanying video with this blog you will see we clearly lacked planning in our excitement to fish a new body of water. The good news there is that we did remember to pack the cameras to catch a little bit of the comedy that comes along when things don’t go 100% as planned.

So to all of you taking your kayak on a after work adventure this season make sure to plan ahead and make sure your gear is ready to ensure the best possible fishing experience. Evening fishing can lead to some of the biggest bites of spring and summer. Here’s to hoping you catch your next PB as the sun fades to dark this season.

Stay Crazy,

Chad Brock