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There are certain fish that you really need to work for like muskies, tarpon and over here one of them is the seatrout. You sometimes spend days searching for them without having a bite. Many things are important when it comes to seatrout fishing- water temperature, wind and currents and where what kind of food they like can be found. Ooh boy, it sometimes feels like since to me but maybe that is just because people always tell you so. Simply said, the right spot at the right time and you can have a blast!

That is exactly what happened at the end of March this year. A group of kayaking buddies decided that the time is right to go after them just now and so five of us headed up to Denmark to an island that none of us had fished before. 2am in the morning we met, loaded up the kayaks and of we went to head up North to battle the Baltic Sea and the mysterious seatrout as soon as the first sunlight hit the water. All of us were very excited because everything felt right as soon as we arrived on the beach. We could see the food they like, the wind was perfect and not many other anglers around.
All in all very promising and so all of us immediately rigged up the kayaks and headed out whilst two of us decided to put on waders and fish from shore.

The best way to find them is to go trolling and so we did. I can tell you the shoreline was completely different after we had left