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First trip of 2019 happened to be on the salt, the event is called Crabfest. It has been held for 8 years in the same location at Doran Beach in Bodega Bay California. Most fishing is closed down on this part of the coast for certain species of fish, so this events main focus was on crab but had an option for surf perch fishing as well. It is a family event so you could bank fish if you wanted.

The weather leading up to the weekend of the event was horrible, But held out for the three days we were camping on the coast and had the most epic weather for this time of the year. Only fog was an issue on the Friday when we arrived which only caused for some extra moisture in the air.

The event took place Saturday morning. I was not sure if I was going to participate. I had had a nasty fall and was not feeling 100 percent to pull crab pots all day. But the need need for some crab out weighted any pain I was in
so I dropped the one crab pot I brought out and let it soak and headed in for some breakfast back at camp.

Helped my friend prepare what he called hobo burritos for the camp, they consisted of couple  chunks of tube sausage flattened with vegetables seasonings covered in ten foil. Cooked on one side for 20 minutes so juices do not drip out. Open and let cool, it works out to be an amazing warm breakfast but can double as lunch on the kayaks if you make more. If you never tried this method of camp cooking then give it a try super simple and delicious.

The Coosa FD can handle multiple crab pots without a problem.  The kayak handles the salt flawlessly for me. The crab fishing was not that productive for me with nothing big enough to win anything but they tasted good so in the end that all that really mattered. I Had an amazing time meeting new people and catching up with folks I have not seen in a while as my 2018 fishing took a back seat to life.