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One of the most recently emerging kayaking destination is Georgia. For a good reason. This April I spent there second trip and I keep falling in love with this magnificent country ! Have a short read to follow my adventure in this beautiful Caucasian country.

Georgia, country situated on eastern side of black sea just below massive Caucasus Mountains. The green valleys, endless vineyards and ancient churches scattered throughout Georgia will quickly make you realise why Georgia is considered one of the most beautiful countries in the world. While we’re here to sample the wine and soak up the beauty, there is also famous white water to be experienced.

First thing that hits you upon arrival is the people hospitality. There are so many rules and traditions in treating guests that it grew up to state of legends. People are really happy and proud that you are visiting them and keen to share their culture and cuisine. You will never walk hungry – it is only two meals usually however there is no option to see an empty table. On every meal you are being served big variety of food from starters to couple different main meals with selection of meat, cheese, vegetables, local chacha (home brewed vodka) and wine.

Landscape is just impossible to describe and various depending on the region that you choose to visit! Same are the rivers – you will find everything from tight creeks in remote gorges to big water continuous rivers that through whole Georgia.

To make the most of the trip we use hired drivers that are also our culture guides for the whole trip spicing our experience with interesting stories.

We start from Kutaisi, going to famous beautiful Racha region to visit glacier sections of Rioni river with friendly big water character. It spring however it was raging so all the runs were definitely a highlight. Our next stop is lower Svanetii – where Lentekhi village is and Tshenistikali river flows from high glaciers. In spring we have not gone to upper Svaneti because the water levels were ragining at this time of the year but we were there in Autumn last year and to be honest it is probably my faviorite region when it comes to beauty of surroundings! Next we move to stay next to Black Sea in Kobuleti which becomes our base – from there we move swiftly from place to place not further than 2 hours drive every day. We paddle there famous Bzhuza (Bzhuza race is an amazing creek race that happens every year start of the month), Supsa, Kintrishi, Machakhela and Adjaristiquali. Those rivers were typical creeks with beautiful water mostly with green surroundings. Later we moved a bit north to Samagrelo paddling Tekhuri and Khobistikali. 3 weeks of kayaking went so quick that we did not notice !

Do you want to see more? Check out the video!

Amazing thing about Georgia is that every class paddler can find nice rivers for themselves – there are class V+ runs that in lower parts have amazing class IV and class II-III sections ! We are coming back to Georgia this September – If you want to experience Georgia with us – drop me a message or check with Love it Live it!

– Bartosz Czauderna