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When the wild water calls, you answer. Drew Gregory recently asked me to be a guest on his show, Hooked on Wild Waters. It was a great honor as I’ve been following Drew’s kayaking adventures since 2012. In fact, my first legit fishing kayak was his signature river boat, the Jackson Coosa.

The call came mid-week so I knocked off work and hit the road early. We we’re headed to the South Llano River in Mason, Texas. The Llano is known for it’s huge sandstone bluffs and cool spring-fed water. It’s also home to an abundance of indigenous Guadalupe Bass.

The episode focused on some of the recent flooding that has swept through Central Texas and what affect it had on the fishery. As it turns out, not much. The fish were easy to find, and we enjoyed a full day of fishing and filming. Drew and his one-man production crew from Digital Alchemy are top-notch professionals, both on the water and behind the lens. This should be a really entertaining episode! Keep an eye out on the Hooked on Wild Waters youtube page and on Waypoint TV.