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When you hold your arms straight out, notice how your wrists are turned noticeably to the right and left.  This is the natural position that your wrists are in when they grip the “New” Aqua-Bound Tango Carbon Bent Shaft paddle.  Take it from me, this more ergonomic wrist position provides amazing comfort and control for all your kayak outings, no mater how long you’re on the water.

Last year I spent a good deal of time with the just introduced Tango Carbon 2-Piece Straight Shaft Paddle, and at 23 ounces love the paddle.  So, how exciting to have all the positives of the Straight Shaft, but, now with the Bent Shaft for an even more comfortable time on the water.  The Bent Shaft version is still extremely light at only 25.5 ounces, has the same very comfortable ovalized shape to the shaft that fits the palm more comfortably than round shafts.  At the ends of the hand-crafted carbon shaft are feather-light compression molded carbon blades that give you that no flutter stroke you want while paddling.  

This spring I’ve used Tango Carbon Bent Shaft paddle in smooth and very windy conditions, where I was putting a great deal of energy into two-foot waves and 20-plus mile per hour winds.  The performance of this paddle was really something!  And, no matter how you like to have your blades feathered, you’re going to love the Posi-Lok feature with this ferrule.  It’s infinitely adjustable with super tight fit and dual-button release. 

Bottom-line, another tremendous paddle from Aqua-Bound with a twist, or, should I say a bend.  For those of you looking for a high-end, extremely light paddled that can’t be beat for comfort with its ergonomic design, the Tango Carbon Bent Shaft should be your choice.