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Noted kayak angler, Gary Rankel, has authored a 152 page guide to kayak fishing: “Finding the Treasures of the Trails – Kayak Fishing”.

Kayak Angler Magazine (Spring 2019) refers to the book as a “treasure for any angler”.

The book’s how-to section provides a comprehensive review of all things kayak fishing, including a few tips, tricks and techniques you most likely haven’t seen before.

The where-to-go section contains 27 detailed color satellite maps depicting launch sites, fishing routes and hotspots for targeting redfish, snook and seatrout inshore, as well as largemouth bass and other freshwater species along Florida’s Nature Coast.

Folks visiting central Florida area to swim with manatees, dive for scallops or take part in our bigmouth bass tournaments or renowned tarpon and shallow grouper fisheries, may also wish to experience our Old Florida piscatorial paddling paradise. This guide will show them the way.

Anglers who’ve paddled around the marsh a time or two and think they know it all, as well as newbies to the sport, no matter where they dip their paddles, should find the book educational and enjoyable.

Further information is available at the Nature Coast Kayak Fishers website: ( which also includes a link for ordering the guide.