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Hey guys, it’s Cody. I want to share some tips and tricks about rigging your Jackson tripper12 for fishing.

The first thing I did to my Tripper was add a “Yakattack Leverlock Anchor Trolly”. This add on is hands down one of the best things to do on any kayak for those windy days!

Shortly after the anchor trolly, my next modification came into play. Two words. “Gear Track”. It is great addition especially for rod holders or any other Yakattack accessories. I am currently running one rod holder in front. Most of the time the handle of my fishing net is resting on that rod holder.

As any angler would know, one rod is never enough. Ram Rocket Launchers are great. I am currently running two that sit behind me and give me the ability to carry more rods.

Now we’re gonna talk tackle storage. I carry all of my tackle in my JKrate. My JKrate is also equipped with two pieces of gear track and three rod holders. Which makes me able to run 6 rods in total.

As for the big green mount on the back of my kayak that is for my trolling motor. Once I have that all finished I’ll make a post just on how I made the mount!

Thanks guys. I hope this helps someone out there rig their tripper!!
Cody hainley