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Name: Egoitz Etxebarria
Hometown, Country: Mungia, Basque Country, Spain
Instagram: Kayakfishing_2.0

Owned Kayaks:

Two Inflatable kayaks, Rotomod Tango Pesca, Mainstream Pescador 12, Bic Trinidad Fishing tandem, Wilderness Triumph 13, Ocean Kayak Trident Ultra 4.3, Two JK Kraken 15.5 – Two JK Kraken 13.5 – JK Kilroy – JK Cuda Hd – JK Coosa FD – JK Cruise FD – JK Cuda 12

Favorite Kayak:
Although there are several kayaks that I really like, there is one that fits my needs perfectly, and has no price for me… that is the KRAKEN 15.5!
It’s a machine for open waters, Just where I spend most of the time fishing.
I really hope that we can see soon a new version of this beast, but meanwhile I have on my mind a project with a different kayak.

Future Kayak:
In my opinion, the pedal drives and the electrical engines are day by day moving paddling kayaks out from kayak fishing.
So, as am owning a electrical engine,
the Cuda HD is my next option to keep stable (without paddling) and safe during the navigation in the sea.
This Kayak Is wide enough to be stable but also is a fast kayak. I have tried it padding in the sea, and I know the model, but now I want to try it again with my Torqueedo on it.
I am expecting a good performance in open waters without paddling.

Onboard Equipment:
In almost every trip I bring with me the following items: Garmin Fisfinder, Gopro cameras, Torqueedo 403C, Slow Jigging rod, Trolling rods, Casting rod, sea Anchor, VHF marine radio, PFD, quality paddle, Dry suit, First aid kit, fresh water and so on…
I always try to use best top quality materials for my fishing kayak trips in order to enjoy more and be more safe during the activity.

Freshwater or Saltwater:
Mainly saltwater fishing, the ocean off-shore has plenty of energy to keep me completely hooked day by day.
Some rivers and estuaries with mixed waters are sometimes also interesting options, specially when the weather becomes hard.

Favorite Fish:
Well.. I don’t really have a favorite fish.
I love fishing, so I love every fish! Hahaha,
But, if I have to choose one, I would say our Northern Sea Bass.
Why? because year by year the global warming is rising the temperature of the waters, and the fish species are moving. Some are leaving and some new are arriving, so the one that best represents the rough cold Cantabric waters is our smart, tricky and appreciated Sea Bass.

Favorite Technique:
The truth is that nowadays am very focused in Slow Jigging. This technique is the one that most fishes and best fights is giving me latelly. I really enjoy doing slow jigging from my kayak!
On the other hand, this year am looking forward to do more trolling, specially in summer time I will try to catch bonitos. They are fun, strong, fast and always ready to attack the lures! Giving fast but crazy fights.

Bucket List Fish:
I have catch several different species in my waters, but there is one that I didn’t catch yet and I really want to feel!
This is the Corvina! Let’s see if am lucky and I can catch one soon! Fingers crossed!!!

Common Techniques:
Slow Jigging
Jig Casting
Bait Fishing

Favorite Place For Kayak Fishing??
Almost every place is beautiful when seeing from the water!
But answering the question I can’t say just one place! I can’t, because I like to move a lot, discover new places, cover new waters, and every place has something different and special.
Generally speaking all the North of Spain is very beautiful and my moving area, green mountains, clifts, and cold brave waters.

For me, any place with rocky bottom, with at least 20 meters of water whit choppy but safe conditions is perfect to drop my lures!!

Bucket List Kayak Fishing Locations:
In the future, am looking forward to go fishing to South America, again in California or Florida! also North Africa is on my list.
All the fishing trips I have made with the JK team and kayak fishing friends have been unforgettable.
I highly recommend doing fishing trips out of our borders, is something that every kayak fishermen should do at least once in their lives!

Why Kayak Fishing:
Because every day is a different adventure.
Because is environmental friendly.
Because is healthy and keeps you fit.
Because you can launch your kayak from almost every place.
Because is an activity you can do with friends.
Because you put your limits.
Because you are your own captain.

Why Jackson Kayak:
I have been fishing from a kayak since more than ten years ago, and one day I saw the Cuda 14 in the water, was then when I realized that was the time to upgrade my kayak to a new Jackson Kayak.
So, I sold my old kayak and in a few days I was paddling the JK Kraken 15.5!
That kayak compared with my old one was amazing! confortable, fast, beautiful, fully equipped and curiously was signed by a person named Jim Sammons.
Who is that guy (I thought) hahaha…
So, I googled it, and the result was a American famous kayak fisherman! So I start following him and after short time I became his unconditional fan!

All these happenings together with the amazing people that are joining the JK team and the quality of the kayaks are my main reasons for keeping loving JK.