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What a last 6 months it’s been in this boat! Unbelievable. I hardly have words to describe it, honestly. I was so stoked when this kayak was announced and then we had to wait another 6 months to get our hands on one and now, NOW I have spent the last 6 months in it and I am still as excited as before I could just look at it.

I have used it for all types of things from hardcore tournament fishing, just getting out for exercise, or taking it to the lake to use as a platform to go swimming. I have taken it down the rivers, in the bay and the swamp. There is t an application where the BigRigHDFD doesn’t work.

The STABILITY is out of this world! It’s so stable I stood on the rear hatch and did a back flip off! It’s so stable my 5 year old was walking all over it and I was fishing and had zero issues. I had my wife and I on it both standing and moving with zero issues. The primary and secondary stability are great! You have zero worries, I promise.

The TRACKING is greatly improved with the redesign of the hull and the rudder. The tracking make it a hands free experience for fishing or taking pictures. I did a modification to the rudder that greatly improved the tracking as well.

The ROOM is crazy! You have in hull storage through the front and rear hatches. You have a bin in the front hatch. You have a huge rear tank well as well as an open deck. There is plenty of room under the seat for storage as well. One thing I like about the BigRigHDFD is that the tank well will accept a blackpak or any other crate you want to put back there. It will also hold a folding seat for a kid with an umbrella on it. The rod troughs one each side will hold at minimum 2 rods each! I have put up to 5 on each side. The rod stagers help a ton.

The SPEED is way better than I would have imagined. Pedaling the FD drive I am cruise at 3-3.5mph. Paddling I can go 3mph. With the Flex E Drive top speed is 4.87 mph.

Pedal Vs Paddle- This is a huge kayak at 13’3” and 40” wide and it paddles great. This is a dual purpose hull that paddles as well as it pedals. No one believes me until they test it out. You will be pleasantly surprised as well.

I can’t say enough good things about this kayak. The BigRigHDFD knocks it out of the park for any activity you want to do. This isn’t just a fishing kayak only or a lake kayak only. She is versatile and reliable. You have so many rigging options for the BigRigHDFD as well.

Go test one out! You won’t be sorry you did.

-Dave Newman