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I have been putting my new Big Rig HDFD to the test during my tournament season. I have to say, it is the most impressive kayak that I have fished out of to date. I absolutely love this kayak. Here’s my review on some of the keys that make this kayak so outstanding.
Flex Drive Unit
This is my first pedal drive boat so it took a little getting used to. As a power fisherman, I’m finding that having a hands free propulsion unit is very beneficial. Fighting the wind in a kayak is something that drives me crazy. I always feel like I’m spending more time adjusting boat position than I do actually fishing. Having this pedal drive has increased the time my rod is in my hand dramatically and all but makes anchors obsolete. I also can’t tell you how great it is being able to just drop the prop down and forget it, knowing that it will raise up on its own if I were to hit anything.
I nick named this kayak “The Cadillac”, and for good reason. It’s a smooth ride with all the bells and whistles. I’ve had it out in some pretty rough water and it performs flawlessly. For as big as it is it paddles surprisingly well due to its shallow draft. The stability is off the charts. I would have to purposely roll it to get it to tip. The features are many and very well thought out. My favorite is the side rod staggers. You can store 4 rods within easy reach. The rod tips will be protected and they are out of the way. Another great feature that really sets this thing apart is the ability to just buy the Big Rig HD and add the flex drive later if you choose or take out the flex drive and drop in a pod if you just want a paddle kayak.