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Charles City Whitewater Clean Up

Clean Up Crew

Prior to Charles City’s annual event, I hosted a river clean up with Charles City Whitewater, Charles City Chamber, and the Charles City Parks and Rec Department. Paddlers from near and far gathered for pre-vent whitewater fun and jumped right in to keep it clean!

Riverside Clean Up

The day was warm but a bit rainy and soggy. That didn’t deter the paddlers and local citizens coming together in the afternoon to clean up the riverside. Equipped with garbage bags we scoured the river banks for trash. Keeping a keen eye out for that coveted piece of trophy trash along the way.

Collected trash

A plethora of styrofoam seemed to plague the riverside. A never-ending sea of white and sometimes rock-mimicking foam pieces everywhere. We also had the usual trash of cups, pop bottles and fishing bait containers/line.

Why is there so much Styrofoam?!

A few unique finds were barbed wire, an oil container, and 75% of Andrew Jackson found by Tom!

Barbed Wire

Oil Jug

Tom Hagerty and Andrew Jackson

Thanks for cleaning up the riverside with us!

-Hannah Ray J