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a belief in one’s self and one’s ability to succeed.

Some days you catch them, some days you don’t. Mental preparation and positive attitude can help you have a better day on the water. Like the Goonies inspired anthem “Never Say Die” by my friends band (The Bastard Suns) portrays…don’t give up!

Confidence, as stated in its definition… “belief in one’s ability to succeed” can definitely play a role on the water. If you think you can catch fish on a certain lure, then most likely you will. By choosing the right lure and presentation to match conditions your are already on the right track. Indecision can throw a wrench in your gears! So…know you have the right bait and know the fish are going to eat it!
Try not to over hype or over think things and most of the time the simplest bait could rule the day.

Some of my favorite baits to throw are spinnerbaits/chatterbaits and plastic worms/creature baits. Here are a few of my favorites.

– Z-man makes some solid spinnerbaits called the Sling BladeZ that you can burn on top with a fast retrieve or slow roll down deep! They also make solid chatterbaits that I depend on when targeting coontail grass and hydrilla, these baits give you the option to cover water quickly to find fish.

– Yamamoto’s swimming senko is quickly becoming one of my favorite baits to throw. They can be very productive when fished weightless or by adding a pegged weight to get in down in the grass. Also…don’t knock trying them as a chatterbait trailer!

– GrandeBass has a bait called the “beaver craw” that has found its way into my arsenal. This bait excels when used pitching reeds or punching matted grass.

Check the video to see some of my confidence baits at work!

Dustin Nichols
Jackson Kayak National Pro-staff