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I do love a bit of Pike fishing but I live on the north east coast of England and we aren’t exactly blessed with many Pike fishing venues. For me the best place is the UK’s Lake District national park across the country from me, it’s a stunning place with some good fishing to be had. We were heading to the ‘Lakes’ for the weekend’s ‘Lakes Rover Kayak Competition’ but you’ll have to read my next post to see how I got on 😉

On one of the practise days though we headed to a lovely lake for a days trolling for the Pike. When trolling I much prefer not to be paddling so I use my Jackson Cruise FD. Not using a paddle means I can hold the rod and feel for every knock and take, I do enjoy this type of fishing as it also means I have more time to appreciate the stunning scenery.

Well I’d only been on the water 5mins when I already had 2 missed takes, ok no hookup but least they liked the lure! 500yds further up the lake I had a very big thump and was hooked up! Short fight later and a nice fish was at the net, well, that’s after the flying treble got caught up on the front of the net. I was sure the fish was lost when it started shacking it’s head but luckily I managed to swing it round to the back of the net. Phew!!

I lovely fat long Pike so I was VERY happy with that, quick photo and back she went. I was made up with that fish but plenty of the day left so lure was chucked out the back and kept of trolling. I covered some distance that day but was worth it, I landed another 4 Pike ok not as big as the first but all very welcome. I also missed a further 7-8 takes but just couldn’t hookup but all added together meant I was never fair away from some sport.
Unfortunately the wind increased so we called it a day but I had a great day on the water followed by a lovely roast dinner with my friends, not a bad way to spend the day if you ask me 🙂