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With the 2019 fishing season already in full-swing, I’m sure most of you have already gone through your preparations. I have a system in place I follow each year that ensures nothing is missed and that my gear stays in optimal working order. A little time invested now can save you a lot of headaches later when time isn’t as readily available. Here’s how I prepare:
I inspect all of my hard baits first. Checking the hooks and replacing any that require it. While doing this I also keep a log of baits that need ordered. I go through all of my soft plastics to make sure everything is organized and document which baits need restocking. I do this same process with the rest of my tackle.
I clean handles/grips. I run a cue tip through all of my guides to make sure none of them are cracked. I highly recommend doing this several times a year.
All my spinning and bait caster reels get torn down, cleaned, lubed, and re-assembled. I then spool them with fresh line.
I go over each of my Jackson kayaks. Making sure every fastener is tight. Add any additions to my rigging that is necessary. Clean and inspect all of my gear.