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Since I first saw the Bite as a prototype in the factory over a year ago, I admit I was intrigued with its hidden potential as a blank slate to customize how I wanted it.  With owning every “River Ready” kayak Jackson Kayak offers from the OG Coosa (which I have a deep love for) , Coosa HD ,Kilroy, and Liska.  I have been able to watch its growth and paddle the Bite in different stages to full completion and as a river fisherman I found that it performed how I wanted to. The stability was there, the tracking was there, the maneuverability was there, the ease as a throw and go kayak was there, and  It’s ability to hold gear, but the only thing I wasn’t thrilled about was the seat. But, with adding the ThermaRest lumbar support it made the seat tolerable.

It has been a lingering thought to how I can take a solid kayak and improve it to my needs for long hours in it. After several sketches of some bracket ideas. I finally looked over at the High Low Riser slide system in my Cruise FD and after talking to my good friend and Teammate Robert Brown about my thought to adding the Cruise FD seat system I finally threw caution to the wind and started taking it out of my kayak, and started going through my overabundance of extra parts to see what I could come up with.

Now, a week prior to all this Robert and I were returning from a trip in St. Augustine, FL and were talking about SUP’s some of the things we liked and the simplicity of fishing from them which we both have extensively years ago and adding a cooler as seat? Sight fishing platform . Along that conversation I somehow convinced him into trying a Bite to give it a chance as a SUP alternative. Having said this, as you see my process to installing the High Low riser system you will notice where our conversation played a part in some of the add on’s. here are two versions to this upgrade.

Everything I used for this install can be found on Jackson Kayak web store. I have included parts link to all items used and a printable installation guide. Full install took less than an hour. For any further questions you may have related to this feel free to contact me via FB messenger or the Jackson Kayak blog link comments section.

Enjoy and Tight lines,

Vincent Andrus