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Last month I took young Tom who works for me kayak fishing for the first time, he borrowed my Jackson Kilroy and had a great day fly fishing for Trout. Well he loved it so much he has bought himself a Jackson Kraken 13.5, living on the coast his intention is to go sea fishing.
We had a break in the weather so can early finish from work meant I could take him for a paddle, get used to the kayak and being on the sea.

He was very keen so after I talked through everything explaining how to handle the surf and what to watch out for whilst on the sea we hit the water, this wasn’t a fishing trip (though did take a couple of rods out!) but the main aim was to get Tom used to being on the sea and work on things like paddle technique and see what his kayak could do.
After a rocky start he was progressing very well, paddling improved as did his confidence so figured I might well do a little bit of fishing. Be rude not to since the conditions we perfect. We were only traveling light so no fishfinder so I dropped down a jighead to double check we had the correct depth, well soon as it hit bottom I had a cod on! Tom was quite impressed by that lol

We spent an hour or so fishing with us both getting plenty of fish, nothing massive but very welcome and Tom really enjoyed it.
I think he is well and truly converted to kayak fishing! 🙂