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My fishing buddy Michael and I decided to fish a evening/night session (like every year) on a local river with our kayaks in the middle of the heatwave from this summer.

At first we had a small BBQ on my BioLite Campstove 2. Because of the extreme heat, we decided to slow down a bit and take our time.

We didn’t have much hope for a good fishing day, so we’re near to cancel this trip before we hit the water with our kayaks, caused by the damn heat.
But we quickly agreed to at least try it, after all it’s not just about catching good fish, it’s about spending a good time on the water..

Right after the arrival on our first spot, it just took 2 or 3 casts to hook a nice sized perch

It took a while before I was able to catch another fish, which could be the biggest Ide I’ve ever caught .

Michael lost a nice pike right in front of his landingnet, and I hooked another fish ( a nice sized ASP). Michael was also able to “land” a nice perch a few minutes later.

After a long time without having any contacts or strikes, we decided to paddle to another spot.

The spot wasn’t really productive, no bites at all. So we decided to get back to our first spot again. Just a few casts and I hooked a really small Zander.

After a while it was absolutly clear, that we will not be able to catch anything more on the spot. So we decided to paddle back around midnight.

In contrast to our first assessment, it was a very successful day, despite the extreme heat.