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When throwing frogs, there is nothing like the top water explosion of the Micropterus salmoides, also known as the largemouth bass, bucketmouth, slaunch, ditch pickle, bassquatch, or hydrilla gorilla. It has to be one of my favorite techniques to use during the “Frog days of Summer” (pun intended).

What I look for?

Heavy matted vegetation- Hydrilla and duck weed are the two I like to target. They produce shade and Oxygen and can turn on in the middle of the day when bass are hiding out and waiting to ambush the next clueless pray that swims by. I like to add a few brass beads in the body of my frogs to add some extra weight and noise for those thicker mats.

Reeds, Pads, and Tule- Don’t count out the open pockets around these types of grass. The bass will be relating to the shade and the cover from the root systems. Also…throw in some sunken timber and I can guarantee that you will need to sling that frog right up in there!

Open water? Yes indeed, don’t overlook throwing along the zones between scattered grass clumps, or along bulkheads and docks. Those bass will be waiting to explode on your lure as you work it by.


Here are a few of my favorites I have been throwing recently.

Booyah Popping Pad Crasher- With its cupped mouth, this thing displaces some water. So during windy conditions or thick slop with sparse openings, this is my go to in those conditions.

Snag Proof Bleeding Frog- A great frog that has red Owner super sharp EWG hooks and a super soft body that helps stick those fish! I like to fish these along reed lines and hop them thru duck weed or algae mats.

Scum Frog Trophy Series- Also comes with upturned Owner hooks and is one of the easier frogs to get that “walk the dog” action on. Plus…coming in less than 6 bucks will not break the bank!

KVD Popping Perch- There are 2 sizes in this hollow body bait, not necessarily a frog but can be used in the same applications. The “Pipsqueak” version is smaller and can finesse some of those stubborn fish around docks and scattered openings in the pads.

So…get out and pick up a few of these frogs to try and have some fun yourself!
Also, click that video below and see some recent “Frog days of Summer” action!

Dusitn Nichols – Jackson Kayak National Pro Staff