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Jackson Kayak will be unveiling its new Flex Drive system, the FlexDrive3D at the annual Paddle Sports Retailer show (PSR) this coming week in Oklahoma City.  The FD 3D is the product of two years of constant evolution in three key components to the Flex Drive system:  Power, propulsion and steering.  From stem to stern, FlexDrive3D integrates propulsion, power and steering into a unified system that delivers apparelled user versatility, efficiency, and convenience on the water.  Designed from the water up for maximum performance, intuitive use and ease of maintenance; Flex Drive empowers anglers, sportsmen and enthusiasts to get closer to the action.  This new FlexDrive3D will be compatible with all existing Flex Drive Jackson kayaks and Blue Sky boats.

The best powertrain in the kayak and personal watercraft just got better!
Our latest enhancements to the FlexDrive3D system further redefine the best-in-class design that launched a thousand adventures… and leaves other drive systems in its wake.

FlexDrive3D features refinements that offer smoother, resistance-free performance that moves you thought the water faster and more effortlessly. Enhancements and upgrades include smoother bearings, stronger cast crank arms, added durability and simplified maintenance. The upgraded coil drive system prop, also improves pedaling smoothness, efficiency and speed.

FlexDrive3D  is the only drive system on the market that combines quick-interchange pedal and electric drive, shallow-water 3-position engagement with dagger board/prop safety release (auto retraction), intuitive forward to reverse operation, sealed above-water pedal system, and a satisfaction guarantee warranty.

Power to the prop…and the people!
The FlexDrive3D propulsion system has revolutionized the possibilities of where recreationalists, anglers and sportsmen can access with personal watercraft, and the new FlexDrive e-Power takes that fun, freedom and efficiency to a new level. Compact and lightweight (sub 8 pounds) the FlexDrive e-Power electronic motor pack interchanges with the FlexDrive pedal-Power pack in seconds to offer an effortless power source for getting to and from secret fishing spots, beaches and camp sites.

FlexDrive e-Power is compatible with all FD systems and features a rugged motor housed in a marine-grade injected-molded case for maintenance-free extended-range on-water enjoyment.

Continuous Power Control (CPC) offers forward/reverse and speed control in a single easy-to-understand/easy-to-use interface. This industry-only variable-speed system allows users infinite adjustments in both forwards and reverse for the ultimate on-water control while cruising or trolling. Range and battery-life management are also controlled for the best run-time on the market.

With the flexibility to use 24v lithium (at either 9.6 or 22AH) or deep-cycle 12v batteries and the FlexDrive-pedal power system, FlexDrive system leaves other propulsion systems in its wake.

FlexDrive Steering. Truer tracking for greater freedom.
With a history of continuous improvement, we have also enhanced the new FlexDrive rudder for 2020. This improved steering system allows for more precise placement, truer tracking, tighter turning radius’ and less input demands for more hands-free navigation in both forward and reverse. FlexDrive T(rac2) can be retrofit to any existing FlexDrive kayaks.