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Spring 2019

After a sweet trip on the MiddleFork of the Salmon and the Selway Rivers
We set off to the Lochsa River to do some surfing on the famous pipeline wave.
The first run on the lochsa set me up and I instantly decided it was my new favorite river. Ten miles of non stop action with meaty holes and glassy waves, what more can you ask for? Oh yea, put it beside an easy access road and voila, instant favorite! Let’s talk temperature for a moment, compared to Alberta rivers the Lochsa spring runoff was toasty warm. The pipeline wave was the star of the river. Its glassy and has a foam pile at the top making it almost impossible to fall off.

Spring trips are incredible good times. Not only because you get to take time off school but, the water levels are amazing, all the people are stoked and the fun factor is huge.

– Dane Menzies