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Hello everyone!
We’re @theKULbrothers, new in JK Little Shredders Team. I’m Mati (9 yo). My bro Konrad is 7. We live in Krakow Poland.
The first half of 2019 is behind us. It was a time of new experiences and small successes. Actually, we don’t take a winter break of paddling, because in Krakow we have good conditions to train the whole year. After training in the icy water on Kolna course, we defrost during pool sessions.

Winter, intense workouts resulted in a good start in the 30th Hurley Classic in mid-March in England. We had the opportunity to try our hand for the first time on a big wave. However for us it wasn’t big, the wave was huge. It was amazing experience. Especially paddling after dark with lights and music made a great impression on us.
In the May, as JK Little Shredders we went out to Slovenia to run Soca and Koritnica rivers. We were a little worried about this trip. We asked dad if we and our small boats would be safe on the section class WW III. Unnecessarily. Our JK Fun 1 did great and all paddlers we encountered were amazed by our feats. In Slovenia rivers are greate, the scenery also amazed us. High rocky mountains, narrow canyons. The day before our arrival a lot of snow fell. Snow-capped peaks and passes, sunny green valleys – like in a fairy tale. We must return there.
The June we spent a lot of time hard training and competing in the slalom. We are playing the second year in slalom. Last year we gathered experience. This year, to our own surprise and joy of course, I already have three prizes in the class U12 (two times first). A few starts are still ahead of us, so keep fingers crossed. We’ll fight on courses, but we cann’t wait for the holidays and next trips on wild rivers.
See you soon. If you can’t wait, follow us on FB and INSTA (@theKULbrothers).

How to practice eskimo roll – part 1 from theKULbrothers on Vimeo.