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One of my favorite times of the year is the Late June to right now! Hot, humid and just miserable during the day. Nice calm and cool nights. During the weekends when I am not busy I will be on the lake at the hour hardly anyone can be found on the water. I am talking about the hours most folks are asleep. You will find a Big Rig FD out beating the flats for that one big bite or personal best opportunity. I keep the plan for night fishing simple. I keep tied on at all times is a Hildebrandt Go-Getter #5, #6 and #7 Colorado blade spinnerbait.

I vary the trailer from a Paca craw to a Zoom super chunk. It will vary on what he fish want. I also have added a swimbait to the night fishing baits. Much to my surprise the small thump from a 3-4 inch soft plastic swimbait has given me some quality fish this year. The last two baits I keep tied on is a whacky rig black senko. One of the most versatile for all types of fishing in my opinion can provide the bites at night. One more bait I have started throwing more of again is a shaky head with a bigger finesse/trick worm. Too me, the color for this has to be a darker color and not the traditional black. It is all personal preference to me. Get out and beat the heat!

Have fun and be safe on the water!