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Name: Daniel Holm
Hometown, Country: Viken (near Helsingborg), Sweden


Kayak(s): Coosa HD

Future kayak: Mayfly or Kilroy HD

Equipment: Raymarine Element 7″, Werner Shuna Hooked, YakAttack rodholders, NRS Chinook, Palm drysuit, Sony, RAM Mounts

Freshwater, saltwater: 50/50

Favorite Fish: Seatrout and pike (flyfishing)

Bucket list fish: Bonefish and Salmon from my kayak

Favorite place for kayak fishing: Rügen (Germany) and Dalarna (Sweden)

Bucket list kayak fishing locations: Florida and Norway

Events in 2019: East Coast Challenge, Bodden Bash Rügen, Liska Kayak Open, Malung Sälen Pike Open

Why Jackson Kayak: High quality kayaks! The kayaks are well thougt out to suit the most picky fisherman. I’m proud to be part of this amazing team.