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What’s better than targeting Largemouth Bass with topwater flies that imitate Frogs, Rats and Ducks? The silent approach and stability of all the Jackson Kayaks are a key to making it happen.

My go to models this year have both been 2019 releases the Big Rig HD and Bite. One super tricked out with amazing storage and the other simple and much lighter. I love them both equally.

Either way I like to keep my focus on fishing and whichever one I’m paddling I have a life vest, my Werner Paddle, a fly rod or two, a net, a box loaded with flies and that’s about it.

Sometimes I’ll be out mid day looking for hungry Bass that are looking up and willing to crash the surface but right at dusk and into darkness is the key time. When casting topwater flies in the darkness all your focus is less visual and more about the sounds. The splash’s the flies make seem louder. The anticipation of every cast is made hoping someone huge with create a toilet bowl flush under your fly followed by a battle.

The moon and stars help see a bit but setting the hook on a lunker Bass still is by feel. It’s common to go to early if you hear a loud commotion around your fly. You have to somehow wait a long 5 maybe 10 seconds till you feel the fish taking the fly down to the depths before pulling back. I like to keep the tip of my fly rod in the water and create action with string strips of the fly line. When you get a take do a set strip which is a common saltwater technique. This sets the hook much better than just lifting the rod or aka trout setting. As you can imagine the Bass will instantly take the fly down under the lilly pads and thick cover and try to get off. A sharp hook and good hook set is also key to surviving a few big jumps on the surface.

Bass are creatures of the night and the big ones are out and about feeding heavily. Of course bring a headlight, fish with friends and if you go solo let someone know your plan and check in with them as you leave the lake or pond. Safety first as always but being out on the water at 10pm is a wonderful experience and I suggest giving it a try. This is not a time to try new water fish spots you know well.