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The Jackson Nirvana is a lean, mean, planing machine, and this characteristic comes in handy on a wide variety of whitewater types. When it comes to classic southeastern steep creeks, the fast hull design sends you through holes and over rocks with forward momentum and plenty of control. On a steep creek with juicy flows, speed is your friend. Many of my own screw ups and carnage I have witnessed on southeastern creeks happens when the boater loses their speed and floats into the upcoming feature. This slow moving entry can result in pitons, unwanted surfs, spin outs, and an overall loss of control. The Nirvana’s narrow and fast design makes it easy to leave rapids high and dry.

This video of the Nirvana Medium on Cain Creek and North Chickamauga Creek at a good flow (level: 3 feet) demonstrates the Nirvana’s ability to stay on top of the water while maintaining speed. Not to mention, the medium still gives you room for play (see 0:32 on the video). Enjoy!