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Paddle, pedal, stability, versatility, these are words we typically associate with the Jackson Big Rig HDFD. I have been pedaling/paddling this boat for an entire season now and it is a fantastic platform for all things kayak fishing related. From holding position in current, to wide open water, single accessing smaller rivers and streams. It’s the ultimate in stand and fish stability. The Big Rig in any configuration is hard to beat. But what if I told you that not only could it benefit you as an angler but your family as well? Is this rig a one-man fishing kayak? Or can it be much much more?
As a previous paddler of a Jackson kayak Kilroy DT (tandem) kayak we have had many adventures as a family (mom dad and toddler) in all types of water as a family in one boat. Fast forward a few years and well one boat for 3 (one growing rapidly) people was getting a little cramped. Enter Big Rig HDFD! After having this rig for a few days, it was easy to see that with the wide platform and equally wide tank well, traditionally made for a crate, or cooler was a perfect place to strap down one of my spare Jackson Kayak Elite seats. The seat from any Kilroy or tripper fits right in with a couple of tarp bungees strapped to the front of the seat around the YakAttack geartrac. This has turned out to be the perfect spot for adventures with my 50 lb 4-year-old! Whether it be fishing, exploring, “water shooting” with toys or even napping this seat is secure and the rig is more than stable enough not to wake him up from an afternoon slumber. With the Ability to be hands free you don’t have to worry about rods and gear sticking in every direction inhibiting your paddle stroke which means you can keep those big trebles in front of you and away from junior! The 4 horizontal rod tubes, troughs, and stagers also help keep things nice and streamlined.

Its one thing to be able to substitute your gear for a child in this high capacity rig, but what about if you want to be able to take mom along for the ride too? This aspect of having a pedal drive was a huge plus for us. Now mom is no slouch paddler but sometimes she just likes to go along for the ride, I guess that’s what happens when you get used to the “tandem life”. With a quick attachment of a tow rope and quick release we are easily able to hook up and tow a second kayak(er) behind us. I was pleasantly surprised to be able to cruise at a decent speed, about 3 mph, with gear and extra kayak and passenger in tow. Attach a ring that a carabiner can easily connect to on the back of the Big Rig and you can transform it into a proper tow vessel in a snap.

Pedal Power definitely has its advantages on its own. So far my largest take away is the ability to be “hands free”. Yes hands free can usually mean the ability to hold a position in current, land a fish in wind and waves, and not be blown of your spot while trying to take that trophy shot. It can also mean grabbing a snack or juice box for your side kick on the fly. Or grabbing the net to scoop a toy that may have accidently dropped in the water. The Big Rig HDFD in its flex drive form has proved it self as more than just an amazing fishing rig for our family. So grab your kids, and your significant other, pack a lunch and don’t forget the blanket to take a quick moment on shore to sit back relax and enjoy the adventure that any Jackson Kayak will take you on!

Written by: Randy Bergin