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About 10 years ago I bought a used boat trailer and converted it to a kayak trailer so I could carry the family fleet. The original conversion consisted of fabricating a pair of t-posts with padded bars. Kayaks were racked up side down and strapped to the bars.

After a decade of use there were a number of issues I wanted to address to make using this trailer easier. The first thing I wanted to modify was the overall height of the t-posts. The existing posts were taller than they needed to be and made loading unnecessarily difficult. I sectioned 8 inches off the bottom of each post and re-welded them to the existing base.

Another thing I wanted to change was how the yaks were loaded on the t-posts. Turning the kayas upside down was another unnecessarily difficult task. Doing so was a two-person job that also required completely stripping out the boat. The crossbar pads also wore out quickly and need to be replaced frequently.

In order to store the kayaks upright I attached a pair of heavy duty pvc “bunks” to each cross bar with ubolts.

With the t-posts lowered and the pvc bunks attached the kayaks can now be stored upright. The long bunks provide excellent support and do not dent or deform the hulls in any way. The kayaks can now be slid off the rear of the trailer and right into the water. Loading also does not require seat removal. Success!