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This year I decided I would add another safety feature and make my night fishing trips more user friendly. I wrote down and brainstormed many ways to check all the boxes I had for what I was looking for.

1. My list consisted of:

2. Visible at night

3. Seeing the shoreline and structure

4. Being able to see inside my kayak

5. Give me the opportunity to rig at the ramp at night without my headlamp

6. Giving me enough light to see the ramp when I am at a dark ramp trying to back in

I found a set of Supernova lights a friend of mine was selling he did not use on Facebook Marketplace. It was exactly what I was looking for. Compact, very bright and checked all the boxes I was looking for and more.

The visibility at night has helped tremendously. I have had the game warden one night come tell me how he appreciated that I had lights because it made me visible while fishing off-shore on a lake in Middle Tennessee.

A few tips that I have for anyone installing lights.

1. Give yourself plenty of time for installation

2. Have extra self adhesive tape to apply in areas where a corner could come up

3. Put a silicone bead around the light strip

Thanks for reading my post. Stay safe and see you on the water!