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Some weeks ago it was time for the Liska Kayak Open, so I travelled to Karlskrona in Sweden to meet many friends from all over europe.
It is always a pleasure to meet the other kayak-fishing-guys.

It was a great event and Peter Neumann from the German-Jackson-Team borroed me his Jackson Mayfly for the event and the days after.

That is what is so great in this communitiy – I had no chance to take my Kayaks with me in the airplane, so he took his Mayfly together with his other Kayaks on his car and brought it to Sweden for me – Big Thanks Peter!!!

Thanks to Daniel and Gunnar for making the event possible!!
We had a realy good fishing-time in sweden, as always 😉

To the Jackson Kayak Fishing Guys and all the other Kayak Fishing Guys – See you next year again!!!!